MTN Business offers Cloud endpoint protection in order to achieve maximum corporate data protection. Any connection through wireless devices such as laptops, smartphones etc, leaves corporate networks more vulnerable to threats.  Cloud Endpoint Protection ensures an effective and immediate management of security related issues that have to do with corporate network, from any place at any time.

Upon the activation of any MTN Business Complete plan, the option of acquiring license for Cloud Endpoint Security software is offered with only €1.79 a month per terminal. If customers are willing to procure extra IT services the number of licenses has to be shared.

Reasons why all contemporary businesses should be protected with Cloud Endpoint Security:

  • Centralized management from any point with virtually zero antivirus impact on system performance
  • Cross-platform protection against known and unknown (Zero-Day Exploits) threats and across all computers running Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, as well as Android smartphones and tablets
  • Minimization of maintenance costs, as no additional infrastructure is required in the customers’ premises
  • Real time control, customization and advanced tracking options. It enables control and enforcement of safety policies on all devices that are linked with the corporate network

Detailed Benefits of Cloud Endpoint Security

  1. High Level of Protection and Disinfection
    • Proactive and real-time protection from the cloud thanks the Collective Intelligence of the software
    • Maximum malware detection, even for malware that exploits unknown (Zero-day exploits) vulnerabilities, regardless of the source of infection (email, USB memory sticks, web etc.)
    • Scanning of e-mails, downloads and chat conversations for malware
    • Fast and effective cleaning of affected terminals
  2. User-friendly functionalities
    • Security management for all users through a central console from any location
    • Simple and automated installation
    • Optional for remote installation
    • Management and implementation of policies, even with non-connected computers
    • Automatic or scheduled updates without affecting the functions performed by the users
    • Report creating ability
  3. Adaptability security settings for diversifying needs
    • Profile-based security adapted to the specific needs of each user
    • Central monitoring of the level of security for all computers, servers and laptops through an integrated organization dashboard
    • Device control for deflection of entire peripheral devices (USB disks, cameras, DVD/CD players etc.) by using and applying rights policies (Access, Read, Write)
    • Connectivity restrictions through the activation of filters. Lockdown on specific web sites and ability to implement time restrictions for internet browsing
    • Ability for two-way configurable firewall which enables companies to create multiple and flexible protection according to their specific needs