MTN Business offers high level IT Support to ensure the smooth operation of of both telecommunication and IT services that are offered to its corporate customers. The Standard and the Premium are the two Support Schemes that are available.

Standard IT Support Scheme

Offered for free, it aims to confront basic technical matters. MTN Business customers can send their request to or call 131 on a 24/7 basis in order to talk with the technical support team for providing solution for problems as well as dealing with any technical issue.

In case a visit to the customer’s premises is necessary, the appropriate personnel of MTN Business Support can arrange an appointment with the allocated group of technicians that are close to the company.

The charge of the first hour of visit is included within the contract of the corporate customer, but in cases that more time is required the charge shifts per hour.

Terms and conditions are included*

Premium Technical IT Support Scheme

With a very competitive monthly fee per licence/user, business customers benefit from unlimited visits of the MTN Business certified technicians, who visit the points of their presence, following a specific request.

Subscriptions to the Premium scheme also include a thorough technology audit, in order to investigate and effectively treat potential system threats, as well as the initial set-up and configuration of software on PC’s.