Gain total control of your business with just one touch on your screen!


Now you can manage all your customers’ and suppliers’ transactions with speed and safety via our user friendly platform that unifies the total of retail activities. With One Touch Retail you fully update the way your store or chain of stores is organised and at the same time, you upgrade the services delivered to your customers. The solution is suitable for the needs of all retail businesses, regardless of their size or sector and additionally, it saves space by combining ergonomics and design.

Benefits for your business

-Productivity enhancement

(i.e. with the automation of all processes and the unlimited capacity of screen customization, ensuring a unique user experience)

-Transactions security

(minimization of human errors, by applying user access control, depending on his predefined user rights)

-Extroversion expansion

(through promotional activities like sending sms, e-mail and fax)

-Customer service upgrade

(for example, by speeding transactions, minimizing waiting time on queues at the till, suspense of transactions option, supporting Loyalty Schemes e.t.c.)

-Turnover increase


-Issuance of Sales/Delivery Documents & Invoices

-Different payment methods i.e. cash, credit card, foreign currency

-Discount policies alternation (manually during transactions through the receipt or through other discount options)

-Following up of orders’ processing (customers and suppliers)

-Stock Item Management

-Easy items' search

-Optional customers' data record keeping

-Receipt and return of press by automatically calculating profit rates

-Meeting management

-Extended Daily Reports (Sales, Cash Day, End of Shift, Turnover by items group, Receipts per hour and so on)

-Monitoring and management of barcodes and scale systems or ??

-Automatic incoming calls’ update via a connection to your call canter (CTI)

-Messaging (sms, e-mail) for promotion purposes

-On/off line synchronization

- Easy upgrade

- Different languages

Connectivity Options

One Touch Retail supports:

·         Connectivity to other peripherals, like scanners

·         Stand alone operation or integration with the back office application

·         Remote access from other devices, like smartphones

One Touch Retail solution includes One Touch Retail software, which is available with a 24month contract for only €47/month!

To achieve the best possible performance, you can combine it with hardware, such as POS touch screen, fiscal Memory Unit and thermal or fiscal printer, which you can obtain with a 15% deposit and payoff in 24 monthly instalments.

For more information, you can call 131 (Corporate Support Line) or send an e-mail to


Terms & Conditions
  1. The Service is valid as from 13th June 2014 and only to MTN Business Subscribers (“the Subscriber”).
  2. The Subscriber shall proceed with a 24 months Subscription Contract with MTN for the provision of the Service.
  3. The Service is an integrated retail management solution for small and medium sized retail enterprises .
  4. The Service includes the following:
  • Issuance of sales documents (receipts, invoices) receipt documents.
  • Newspapers and magazines handling
  • Stock item management
  • Discount Policy
  • Customer Management
  • Meeting Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Daily reports
  • Sales reports
  • Screen layout design
  • Messaging
  • CTI
  • Loyalty system
  • Fiscal Memory unit and thermal printer or fiscal printer
  • Connectivity with multiple peripherals, such as scanners, tray, etc.

5. The Subscriber shall be able to purchase the Equipment from MTN by paying 15% of its value in advance and the remaining amount shall be paid in 24 monthly installments.

6. Upon termination of the Subscription contract before its expiration date, the Subscriber is obliged to pay all outstanding monthly installments and keep the Equipment. Furthermore, the Subscribers obliged to pay all outstanding invoices regarding the usage period until the termination date.