IT Consulting

Experienced IT/Business consultants visit businesses’ premises and demonstrate the features of each technology, in order to give them the flexibility to choose the most effective solution.

Technology Audit

MTN Business team of certified engineers assesses the current IT infrastructure of businesses and creates a fully customized solution depending on their specific needs. With the impromptu technology audit, all potential threats are investigated and treated, while the most critical parts of systems are being developed in the best possible way. 

Telephony Systems

Either for a small or a large business, the service includes the installation of all kinds of dedicated telephony systems at the customer’s premises, as well as their configuration and maintenance. MTN Business subscribers get the opportunity to choose from a series of functionalities, like voice mail, waiting line music, conference calls and many more, to create the ideal telephony system for their business.


The MTN Business experienced engineers design preliminary IT infrastructure plans, incorporating feasibilities, like remote access and internetworking solutions, to meet both current and future needs with a solution as unique as every business.


Businesses get their own server to achieve total control of their e-mails and ease their day to day communication. MTN Business installs, configures and maintains any kind of mail server, whether that is Microsoft Exchange addressing large organisations or Axigen, which is used by smaller companies.


Printing needs and respective cost is crucial for all businesses. MTN Business solutions allow management of existing hardware and software in the most efficient way and at the same time, reduce operational expenses.


By choosing one of the available maintenance plans, MTN Business customers can protect their business from potential threats and failures of their IT equipment or data. 



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