Cloud Hospitality

Cloud Hospitality service is designed exclusively for hotels, offering an integrated easy to use online platform that unifies MTN Cloud Business Telephony services with the central hotel management system (PMS). Hotel employees gain remote instant access to congregated information and automated estimations from any location, whilst hotel guests enjoy upgraded quality of services or get self-service options through advanced telephony services.

Cloud Office

With Cloud Office service businesses get the opportunity to create a “virtual office” and focus in their actual business regardless of its size, avoiding administration work. This is an ideal solution for businesses that wish to have a local presence in Cyprus, without the need to physically locate employees.

Infrastructure on demand

The service provides MTN Business customers the fastest and most efficient software and hardware upgrade on demand, anytime they need it, avoiding research and evaluation of suppliers or other time-consuming procedures.

Cloud Backup

For businesses that wish to backup their data once and for all, regardless of their level of risk and tolerance, MTN Business offers Cloud Backup solution that guarantees all data is backed up regularly, so that MTN Business customers may constantly and seamlessly access their data and applications at all cases.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

The service guarantees the required business continuity and operational smoothness after any disaster, major failure or accident.

Cloud Security

With just a single monthly fee, business customers enjoy multiple services from MTN Business via cloud, for example antivirus, antispam, firewall and web filtering, saving from their initial investment cost and the ongoing upgrades required.

Cloud E-mail

MTN Business customers can now benefit from e-mail services equivalent to those utilized by large organisations, at minimum cost. In fact, they get the opportunity to secure, store and manage their e-mails effectively on high availability mail servers, powered by Microsoft.

Cloud Collaboration  

All corporate data, including computer files, is uploaded on cloud and available for editing, managing and commenting by the MTN Business customers at any time, enhancing cooperation among colleagues and maximizing their productivity.


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