Connect to MTN Business and get up to €200 as a discount on device or on your mothly fee!


New MTN Business subscribers enjoy the biggest discount in the market, as well as the option to choose how to use it. By transferring your corporate number or creating a new one, you save up to €200 and depending on your specific needs and priorities, you can use them as a:

  • discount to purchase new high tech products, like mobile telephones, laptops, tablets e.t.c. from the MTN Stores and selected distributors’ stores (Stephanis, MT Technoline and Electroline) or
  • discount on your monthy fee throughout the duration of your contract!



  • Discount on Device
  • Discount on Monthly Fee



    (with portability)


    (with new number)

    ΜΤΝ 4G Business Smart S €60 €60
    ΜΤΝ 4G Business Smart M €90 €90
    ΜΤΝ 4G Business Smart L €130 €130
    ΜΤΝ 4G Business Smart Unlimited €200 €200
    MTN Business Voice 180 €30 €30
    MTN Business Voice 300 €50 €50
    MTN Business Voice 500 €80 €80
    MTN Business Voice 750 €110 €110
    MTN Business Voice 1000 €130 €130
    MTN Business Choice - -
    MTN Up2U 10+ €20 €20
    MTN Up2U 20 €40 €40
    MTN Up2U 30 €60 €60




    The below terms and conditions are valid for subscribers, who benefited from our previous offer, by combining their new MTN plan with a Mobile Internet plan: 


    Terms & Conditions

    • The discount is valid if the Mobile Internet service is added on a new MTN PayMonthly connection with 18month contract (port in or new number)
    • The discount is not valid for subscribers porting in from prepaid services or any connection with 12month contract
    • In case of cancellation of the Mobile Internet service prior the 18months, then the subscriber will be charged with only the discount that was provided for the service
    • In case of cancellation of the Mobile Internet service and the MTN PayMonthly plan prior the 18 months, then the subscriber will be charged with the total amount of discount that it was provided at the time of sale
    • In case of change of the Mobile Internet plan prior the 18 months, then the difference of the discounts given per plan will be charged.


  • In the table below, you can find out how much your business can save, depending on your MTN plan:


     Monthly FeeMonthly Fee with Discount (with portability)

    Monthly Fee  with Discount   (with new number)

    MTN 4G Business Smart S€13.00€9.75€9.75
    MTN 4G Business Smart M€19.00€14.25€14.25
    MTN 4G Business Smart L€30.00€22.50€22.50
    MTN 4G Business Smart Unlimited€43.00€32.25€32.25
    MTN Business Voice 180€9.00 €6.75€6.75
    MTN Business Voice 300€12.22 €9.17 €9.17
    MTN Business Voice 500€20.37 €15.28 €15.28
    MTN Business Voice 750€28.52 €21.39 €21.39
    MTN Business Voice 1000€35.65 €26.74 €26.74
    MTN Business Choice€2.10--
    MTN Up2U 10+€10.00€8.89€8.89
    MTN Up2U 20€20.00€17.78€17.78
    MTN Up2U 30€30.00€26.67€26.67



    Terms and Conditions

    1.     The scheme applies to New or/and Port in numbers to any 18 months MTN PayMonthly and UP2U contract and for any 12months or/and 24months Mobile Broadband contracts

    2.     The Subscribers can not benefit from the additional discount of MTN Mobile Internet service

    3.     The subscribers can benefit from a discount on their monthly invoice. The discount is determined by the minimum period of the subscription contract

    4.     The present terms and conditions apply supplementary to the terms and conditions of the subscription contract

    5.     In instances of subscription contract termination before the expiration of the minimum period, the subscriber shall pay the remaining amount of the discount that would benefit from until expiration of the subscription contract.




If your business is already connected to an MTN plan and your contract is going to expire soon, find out here how much you can save by renewing your contract!

For more information, you can call 131 (Corporate Support Line) or send an e-mail to