Total Control of your monthly mobile telephony bill

The 4G enabled MTN Up2U prepaid plans were created for businesses that wish to have total control of their monthly bills. With MTN Up2U, you can set your monthly fee, benefit from free messages on a monthly basis and can top-up your account when you exceed your credit limit. You can find Top-Up and booster cards at any MTN store, selected distributor’s store and kiosk. 

MTN Up2U 10

10€ Αirtime

20 SMS to all National Networks


Monthly Fee

MTN Up2U 20 

20€ Αirtime

50 SMS to all National Networks


Monthly Fee

MTN Up2U 30

30€ Αirtime

80 SMS to all National Networks


Monthly Fee

MTN Up2U 10+

€10 Airtime


Monthly Fee

> Connection fee €5.99
> All charges include VAT

With ΜΤΝ Up2U 10+ prepaid plan, in particular, you enjoy an additional benefit, as it allows you to set your monthly credit limit from €10 to €50 as often as you wish and with €1 step (€11, €42, etc.), but not with decimal value amounts e.g. €11.50 or €20.45. 

Find out how to check and change the credit limit in your ΜΤΝ Up2U 10+ line

You can check and change your credit limit without any charge and at any time with the following ways:

  1. By calling *136#  and following the menu instructions. 
  2. By sending an SMS to 855:

o To check your credit limit send Limit to 8555

o To check your remaining balance of your current credit limit send Balance to 8555

o To change your credit limit send Change to “your new credit limit” to 8555

o For information on the service send Info to 8555

You can enquire about your ΜΤΝ Up2U balance anytime by calling 2020 or *202# or 131 (Corporate Support Line). 

You can also register in MyMTN page via and get direct access to your itemized bill and all information posted under your account.

  • Default Services
  • Call Charges
  • SMS & MMS Charges

    • Voice messaging
    • Text messaging (SMS)
    • Picture messaging (MMS)
    • Call barring
    • International call
    • Roaming
    • Call Line Identification Presentation (CLIP)
    • Call Line Identification Restriction (CLIR)
    • Call Conference
    • Call waiting


    Call Charges

     MTN Up2U 10MTN Up2U 20MTN Up2U 30MTN Up2U 10+
    Peak MTN to MTN€0.0727€0.0727€0.0727€0.0727
    Peak to Cytamobile-Vodafone €0.0788€0.0788€0.0788€0.0788
    Peak to Primetel Mobile€0.0970€0.0970€0.0970€0.0970
    Peak to fixed lines€0.0788€0.0788€0.0788€0.0788
    Off peak MTN to MTN€0.0727€0.0727€0.0727€0.0727
    Off peak to Cytamobile-Vodafone€0.0788€0.0788€0.0788€0.0788
    OfF Peak to Primetel Mobile€0.0970€0.0970€0.0970€0.0970
    Off peak to fixed lines€0.0788€0.0788€0.0788€0.0788



  •  MTN Up2U 10, 20, 30MTN Up2U 10+

    Text Message SMS

    (to any National destination)


    Text Message SMS

    (to any International destination)

    picture messaging MMS - charge up to 50KB€0.2058/MMS€0.2038/MMS
    picture messaging MMS - charge over 50KB€0.2664/MMS€0.2638/MMS


For more information, you can call 131 (Corporate Support Line) or send an e-mail to 

Terms and Conditions of MTN Up2U prepaid plans
  1. MTN UP2U subscribers will be able to use their line when travelling to countries with which MTN has concluded international roaming agreements for incoming and outgoing calls. For price charges and more information, please visit our website or contact our MTN Call Centre by calling 136.
  2. Any inclusive credit or SMS which have not been used by the end of the month will not be transferred to next month’s balance.
  3. MTN UP2U subscribers will be able to obtain their itemized bill by visiting MyMTN (available at
  4. In the event that an 18-month contract, offered with a Handset or Laptop subsidy, is cancelled prior to the expiration of the contract, the respective cancellation fee must be remitted.
Terms and Conditions of MTN Up2U 10+ prepaid plan
  1. The MTN UP2U10+ plan contains a limit/fixed monthly fee which is fully invoiced at the end of each month irrespective of usage and activation date. Any unused credit cannot be transferred.
  2. Upon reaching the fixed monthly fee only incoming SMS and calls will be allowed unless a top up card is used or the Subscriber increased the fixed monthly fee to a maximum of €50.
  3. The validity period of the top up cards is 12 months and any remaining balance is only available for usage upon reaching your monthly fixed limit.
  4. Roaming charges as applied for MTN PayMonthly, including charges for incoming calls, apply when the Customer uses their SIM Card while abroad connected to any foreign network and is available only in countries that ΜΤΝ has roaming agreements for PayAsYouGo. For price charges and more information, please visit our website or contact our MTN Call Centre by calling 136.
  5. Standard MTN PayMonthly and PayAsYouGo terms apply where applicable.


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