If frequent travelling abroad is an important part of your work, it would be useful to know the network calls' charges that you will connect to, as soon as you reach your destination. 

Locate the zone, in which the country you plan to visit is included and find out the calls' and SMS charges of each provider. 

For more information, you can call 131 (Corporate Support Line) or send an e-mail to mtnbusiness@mtn.com.cy

Countries Of the world & Zones

 Calls  (per minute)SMSGPRS (MB)
Back to CyprusLocalTo EUTo rest of the worldReceiving
ZONE 1€0.1271€0.1271€0.1271€1.6999€0.0136€0.0445€0.1398
ZONE 2€1.6899€0.9282€1.7612€2.1777€0.2380€0.2999€9.3177
Special destinations Satellite, On-Air and maritime
€3.3320-€3.3320€3.3320€1.3614€0.9520Maritime €9.3177
Satellite €12.4117
On Air €22.7647
MTN One World

Note: Countries where MTN is present,enjoy the benefits of MTN One World: AFGHANISTAN, CAMEROON, COTE D IVOIRE, GHANA, IRAN, NIGERIA, SOUTH AFRICA, SUDAN, SYRIA, UGANDA , YEMEN
Note: Additional Fees - Receiving Calls - €0.5950 USA, Canada 
(per minute)*
Note: Additional Fees - Receiving Calls - €0.4032 Argentina, Bermuda, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Cuba, Honduras, Mexico, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, India (per minute)*

- For all outgoing calls in all Zones there is a minimum charge of 30 seconds and then charging is applied per second.

- For all incoming calls charging is per second with the exception of the destinations indicated in the remarks above*.

- All charges are rounded to the next nearest digit.

- All tariffs are including VAT


ANNOUNCEMENT: As of April 30th 2016, new reduced international roaming charges apply. Click here for more information.


Access to internet while abroad

ΜΤΝ Business subscribers can use their line to access internet during their trips abroad. Following the EU Data roaming regulation, a monthly usage threshold is set to the subscriber’s line for safety purposes. The monthly data roaming threshold is activated on all MTN Business subscribers’ lines at €50 + VAT, which corresponds to 250MB for roaming at EU countries and 6MB for roaming at non EU countries.

In specific, when the internet access charge while abroad reaches the threshold of €50 + VAT, the subscriber will be informed accordingly via SMS and when the threshold is exceeded, then the internet access service will be deactivated.

If you received a message informing you that you have exceeded the data roaming threshold, but you wish to continue having access to the internet from your mobile line while abroad, send a text message with the word ΟΝ to 8222 (free from your ΜΤΝ line) or call +357 96 96 98 94 to reactivate the service.

To deactivate the notification service: send a text message with the word STOP to 8222 when in Cyprus or to +357 96 96 98 94 when abroad.

For more information, you may contact the MTN Corporate Support Line at 131.


Terms & Conditions

1. Connection Agreement
These terms and conditions are additional to and form part of your Agreement with MTN.

2. Service outside Cyprus
You acknowledge that service outside of Cyprus is provided by external carriers and is subject to those carriers' terms and conditions.

3. Charges
Unless otherwise advised by MTN from time to time all outgoing calls are charged at airtime rates based on the charges from the external carrier. This airtime rate will vary from carrier to carrier. International rates will also apply where you make international calls (including calls to voicemail). Charges may change without prior notice and all prices are indicative only. If your price plan includes monthly minutes, these minutes do not apply to roaming charges. Special and Free phone numbers may be charged for by external carriers.

Incoming calls are charged at the international rate applicable at the time the call is made to you. Some external carriers may add an incoming call rate from the time you answer the call. You agree that all charges incur while roaming will be charged to your monthly statement. You agree to pay all charges in full when they are due. (There may be delays in MTN receiving notice from external carriers of charges to be billed to you. This does not affect MTN's right to charge you or receive payment from you.)

4. Liability
As roaming involves services provided by networks other than MTN, you agree that we will not be responsible for the way in which any external carrier provides or fails to provide any service (including disconnection lack of coverage or the performance of that carrier's network).

5. Acceptance
You will be taken to have accepted these terms and conditions as soon as you start using roaming. We may vary these terms and conditions from time to time in accordance with your pay monthly agreement.