Seamless Wireless Connection with your Blackberry

MTN BlackBerry service is ideal for businesses, as it delivers wireless uninterrupted and most importantly, safe access to corporate data and applications with the superfast speeds of MTN 4G, allowing users to manage CRM, ERP e.t.c. files, even when they are out of office.

The service supports users’ direct wireless connection to the business’s central system, significantly increasing productivity and at the same time allowing Blackberry fans to use their e-mail, contacts, calendar e.t.c. 


Monthly Fee

ΜΤΝ BlackBerry BIS Simple*


ΜΤΝ BlackBerry BES Simple*


ΜΤΝ BlackBerry BIS Unlimited


ΜΤΝ BlackBerry BES Unlimited


*The BIS Simple and BES Simple services do not include data volume. You can select and add the MTN Mobile Internet plan that best covers your needs.

All prices include VAT. 

For more information, you can call 131 (Business Support Line) or send an e-mail to