Internet access from your mobile phone at low charges

Utilize smartphones potential to the fullest and empower your employees with internet and e-mail access anytime from their mobile phones. By combining MTN Mobile Internet plans with MTN Business PayMonthly mobile telephony plans or ΜΤΝ Up2U prepaid plans, you can benefit from the most competitive solution in the market. Through the top quality MTN 4G network you enjoy the data transfer speeds required for the high performance connection of your employees, so that they can work online even when they are out of office.   

The wide range of MTN Mobile Internet plans allows you to choose the plan that covers your needs the most, as well as the data usage requirements of your business:


MTN Mobile Internet Plan

Monthly Fee

Charge For Additional use

MTN Mobile Internet 20MB



MTN Mobile Internet 150MB



MTN Mobile Internet 250MB



MTN Mobile Internet 500MB



MTN Mobile Internet 1GB



MTN Mobile Internet 2.5GB



MTN Mobile Internet 5GB



MTN Mobile Internet 25GB



MTN Mobile Internet Unlimited*




* Fair use policy for the Unlimited data plan
  • To protect the performance of the network and to ensure the best experience for all users of MTN data services, at times of high network traffic MTN may manage the MTN Mobile Broadband speed. This will only apply once a subscriber exceeds 40GB in data traffic within one calendar month.
  • Speed management will only affect user experience in case that other subscribers try to access the network resources for time-critical applications.
  • At the beginning of each calendar month, subscribers will be able to attain the highest connection speeds available under MTN’s mobile network


Occasional Data Usage Charges

Until the 18th of June 2014, occasional internet users were charged based on the amount of KB that they consumed with €0.001997 per 2KB (€1.02 per MB).

As of 19th June 2014, occasional data usage is charged according to the table below and will be valid for all MTN Business PayMonthly and MTN Up2U subscribers, whose MTN Mobile Internet service is not activated.


Daily Traffic Volume

Daily Charge

0 - 20KB

€ 0

20KB - 10MB

€ 0.69

10MB - 30MB

€ 1.12

per 30MB over the initial 30MB

€ 1.12


For more information, you can call 131 (Corporate Support Line) or send an e-mail to


Terms & Conditions - Mobile Internet service

1. All charges are inclusive of VAT.
2. The Mobile Internet services are available to all MTN PayMonthly subscribers (MTN 140, 350, 600, 900 και 1600) and Up2U
3. The Service is inclusive of the data volume offered with each plan and its use is possible only in Cyprus under MTN’s network. The use of the Service abroad is subject to roaming charges applicable at each country.
4. The remaining data volume at the end of the month cannot be transferred to the next month
5. To activate the data service subscribers must visit an MTN Store or call 136
6. In order to use the Service you must have a data enabled handset
7. Internet access speeds depend both on the network capacity at the area where the user is located, as well as on the device used
8. Data sessions are charged at 2KB steps except of MTN Mobile Internet 5GB and 25 GB in which the step are per 1MB

Terms & Conditions - Occasional Data Usage
  1. The Daily Data Plan is valid as of 19th June 2014 and applies for all MTN PayMonthly, MTN Business PayMonthly and MTN Up2U subscribers, whose MTN Mobile Internet service is not activated.
  2. The Daily Data Plan is the method of charging the occasional internet usage on a daily basis, and does not apply to subscribers of the MTN Mobile Internet service. 
  3. The charging for the Daily Data plan is per day, but the subscriber will receive the charged amount on his/hers monthly invoice at the end of each month.
  4. Daily charge refers to data traffic during the period of 00:00 to 23:59.
  5. The maximum usage limit within a day is 1GB. After reaching 1GB usage, the internet connection will be disconnected.
  6. Subscribers will receive an sms notification each time the charged amount reaches €15 within a calendar month, however the internet connection will not be disconnected.