Mobile Broadband for tablets & laptops

Affordable Internet access from any device  

With ΜΤΝ Mobile Broadband plans your employees are able to use internet with more flexibility and enjoy guaranteed high data speeds not just from their mobile phone, but from their laptop/tablet as well. By using a USB stick or SIM card, they can connect to the internet on the spot from whichever device is more convenient and through the seamless switching of the 4G, HSPA+, 3.5G, 3G and GPRS technologies, offered by ΜΤΝ’s network, they will remain connected at the highest available speeds according to the network capacity of their area.

MTN Mobile Broadband plans can also be used from desktop computers, whilst enabling users to send and receive SMS via their desktop or tablet, maximizing benefits for MTN Business subscribers. 

Choose the plan that covers your corporate needs in data volume and get affordable and reliable internet access:


MTN Mobile Broadband Plan


Monthly Fee

Charge for additional use

MTN Mobile Broadband 20MB



MTN Mobile Broadband 250MB



MTN Mobile Broadband 500MB



MTN Mobile Broadband 1GB



MTN Mobile Broadband 2.5GB



MTN Mobile Broadband 5GB



MTN Mobile Broadband 25GB



MTN Mobile Broadband Unlimited*



Ad-Hoc Connection: Ideal for occasional internet users and is based on the amount of KB that the subscriber consumes. The charge per 2KB is €0.001997 (€1.02 per MB incl. VAT).

For more information, you can call 131 (Corporate Support Line) or send an e-mail to

*Fair usage policy for the Unlimited data plan

• To protect the performance of the network and to ensure the best experience for all users of MTN data services, at times of high network traffic we may manage the speed of the mobile broadband connection. This will only apply once a subscriber exceeds the 40GB in data traffic in one calendar month.
• The speed management will only affect user experience in case that other subscribers try to access the network resources for time-critical applications
• At the beginning of each calendar month, the subscriber will be able to attain the highest available connection speeds under MTN mobile network.

Terms & Conditions

• All prices include VAT.
• All the MTN Mobile Broadband plans refer to data exchanged only under MTN’s network within Cyprus.
• The use of the service abroad is subject to roaming charges which apply for each country. 
• The remaining data volume at the end of the month cannot be transferred to the next month.
• Data sessions are charged at 2KB steps except of MTN Mobile Broadband 5GB and 25 GB in which the step are per 1MB
• MTN cannot be held liable for any interruption of data sessions due to depletion of data quota
• Even if the SIM card is not in the possession of the subscriber, all the data sessions that are contacted with the specific SIM card, will be charged to the MTN Mobile Broadband of the subscriber.
• In the event that the SIM card is lost or stolen, then the subscriber must communicate immediately with the MTN Corporate Support Line at 131, in order to deactivate the service
• Internet speeds are subject to the network capacity of the area where the user is located, as well as the device used.