MTN's private fiber optic network

MTN Cyprus owns a private fiber optic network that already exceeds 1000 km and is constantly growing. The network fully covers all cities in Cyprus, as well as the rural areas next to the urban centers, allowing ultimate connectivity within each city, as well as among cities, as presented in the maps below.

The underlying technology is fiber-to-the-business (FTTB) based on GPON, using fiber optic for all connectivity, including the final few hundred meters leading to the customer premises and delivering connectivity and bandwidth that depends on the specific services selected. Unlike ADSL, which typically delivers far lower speeds than the maximum headline speed marketed, broadband and connectivity services based on fiber optic are capable of delivering the contracted bandwidth at all times.

With MTN Business’ Fiber Optic solutions, our connected corporate customers receive cutting-edge voice, video and data services, relying on the built-in redundancy of our network. MTN’s fiber optic network enables Cyprus’ businesses to use the most powerful communication solutions, by utilizing high bandwidths and unlimited possibilities. The practically unlimited scalability of fiber optic solutions also ensures that MTN Business customers will keep pace with future application advancements, while staying ahead of competition.

MTN Business’ fiber optic subscribers are enjoying reliable connectivity and full availability, which are not dependent on factors such as weather conditions, accidents during wiring operations or increased concurrent demand from other network users. At the same time, they benefit from the large and continuously increasing number of MTN Points of Presence and the enhanced safety that they provide, enabling the shortest possible connectivity of customers’ premises (maximum 500m), as well as supporting multiple alternative options for their routing.

Fiber Optic Connection for any Business Size

A fiber optic Internet connection is no longer the privilege of large businesses.

With the largest privately-owned fiber optic network that is constantly expanding, MTN Business is now closer to your business, regardless of its size, providing a faster, reliable and affordable fiber optic Internet connection.


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  • MTN’s fiber optic network superiority is unquestionable, as it delivers ΜΤΝ Business customers all the following benefits at a steady high performance:

    •    Dedicated fiber connection to each individual business
    •    Exclusively underground cabling, that improves reliability and substitutes the need for aerial wires and their disadvantages
    •    Complete avoidance of network bottlenecks, especially during peak usage hours, as customer’s network is not shared
    •    Future-proof architecture that allows bandwidth increase, according to the applications’ requirements
    •    Incredibly fast downstream and upstream data transmission


  • MTN Business offers a variety of demanding business solutions that rely on fiber optic network, like Symmetric/Asymmetric Internet Access, National Connectivity Services, MTN Cloud Business Telephony and SIP Trunk.

    Book an appointment online with us today and find out how your business can benefit from MTN’s Fiber Optic Services.


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